King Carlos Costume

King Carlos 1 King Carlos 2 Queen Sophie 1

Carlos at Lake San Antonio

Carlos5-31-04001 Carlos5-31-04002 Carlos5-31-04003 Carlos5-31-04004

Carlos5-31-04005 Carlos5-31-04006 Carlos5-31-04007

Carlos Rey of Acton

Carlos005.jpg Carlos006.jpg Carlos007.jpg Carlos008.jpg Carlos009.jpg

Carlos010.jpg Carlos011.jpg Carlos012.jpg Carlos013.jpg Carlos014.jpg

Carlos015.jpg Carlos016.jpg Carlos017.jpg Carlos018.jpg Carlos019.jpg

Carlos020.jpg Carlos021.jpg Carlos022.jpg Carlos023.jpg Carlos31.jpg

Carlos32.jpg Carlos33.jpg Carlos34.jpg Carlos35.jpg Carlos36.jpg

Carlos37.jpg Carlos38.jpg Carlos39.jpg Carlos-3-24-2004001.jpg

Carlos-3-24-2004004.jpg Carlos-3-24-2004007.jpg Carlos-3-24-2004008.jpg Carlos-3-24-2004010.jpg Carlos-3-24-2004011.jpg

Frosty and Carlos graduate from Intro to Agility on December 10, 2004

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Carlos and Frankie

First pic of Carlos and Frankie Carlos and Frankie Carlos and Frankie again More Carlos and Frankie

Carlos as a Puppy with unknown Blenheim Puppy Carlos as a Puppy Carlos in July, 2004

Frankie and Carlos in the pen Frankie by the Window Frankie and Carlos, Chillin'

Frankie by in the pen Frankie likes his Beef! Frankie has the Bone
Carlos wants it

Last updated February 16TH, 2005

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Janet, Sabrina and Carys visit the Cavs

CarlosFransisco0301 Carys0301 Carys0302

Francisco0301 JanetCarlos0301 SabrinaFrancisco0301

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Carlos Posing
Carlos Klein? Abercrombie & Pooch?
Carlos and Coco
Or is it Poco...?
"The Groove is in the Heart"

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Carlos and Sophie
Rare Photo!
Carlos and Francisco
In the flowers
Carlos' Early Ramp Movie
Back by popular demand!

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Carlos and Pup-Pup Francisco and Carlos square off in the center of the ring Carlos uses his size to gain the early advantage and a two count

Francico comes right back with an attack Collar and Elbow Carlos with another power move
Is he going for the figure four?

Look at that Action! Dragon Pup Style That could DO IT!

After the Match
Friends, again.
Chilling in Frosty's Office
Future Web-Cam site

P1010392 P1010393 P1010394

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Carlos, Francisco and Spencer

CarlosCouch CarlosPresents CarlosPupPup1 CarlosStogie CarlosUp

FranciscoCouch1 FranciscoCouch2 FranciscoCouch3 FranciscoCouch4 FranciscoCouch5

Spencer1 Spencer2 Spencer3 Spencer4 Carlos, Spencer and Francisco

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Thanksgiving 2005

CarlosRalphFrancisco1 CarlosRalphFrancisco2 CarlosRalphFrancisco3

SpencerPigskin1 SpencerPigskin2 SpencerPigskin3

SpencerSteve1 SpencerSteve2

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Christmas 2006 -- Mimi!

Mimi's first picture! Mimi's second picture! Mimi with a chew

Mimi and Francisco Mimi and Francisco redux Mimi and Francisco once again

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December 2, 2007

Mimi the Supermodel in the Snow

Mimi Snow 1
SuperModel gets it in one take
Mimi Snow 2
I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!
Mimi Snow 3
Suitable for use as desktop background

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